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Primary Schools - Make a Card for Christmas, Eid or Hanukkah
Written by Sarah   

Pop up reindeerAt this time of year most of us Primary Teachers, whether Foundation, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2, are thinking about Christmas card designs to make with our classes. Do we want to make a sample, that the class all copy, or do we want to give them some ideas that they can use to inspire them to design their own cards?

The internet has loads of ideas to help us now,  and many sites even give full instructions online. In our Festivals section at Stuff4Teaching we have lots of links to Christmas art activities, all checked out to be suitable for children; but here are a few of my favourite card ideas for this year, to save you wasting your time searching through the 'not so good' ones that come up in the usual search engines!

I like this instruction video of making an origami Christmas tree, which could easily be used as the centre piece for a Christmas card, or as the first part of a decoration. It is in really simple clear steps, and would work really well on the interactive whiteboard, just pausing it until all the children are ready for the next instruction. (You could also easily link this to your Literacy instructions unit.) If you want to use Christmas trees as your theme, there are loads of other ideas for tree cards at Activity Village; but watch out for the pop ups on this site.

If you don't want trees then there are some very clear online instructions for making Penquin, Robin, Reindeer or 3 Kings cards at Topmarks.

Fancy using Angels as your theme, here are loads of angel templates to choose from, for cards or decorations.

If you have older children, maybe upper KS2, then you could try Iris folding for a really unusual and effective Christmas card. Visit this craft site for full instructions and some beautiful samples and ideas. I would love to try these, but I don't think my KS1 children are quite up to it just yet!

If you prefer the children to use their ICT skills to make a card for Eid, Hanukkah or Christmas try this online card activity which can then be printed - choose the Christmas option, then cards, and Eid and Hanukkah (or Chanukah?!) (everywhere seems to spell it differently!!)come up there too.  Or if your school has it, you can of course use the great software on 2Publish made by 2Simple, which is great for children to design their own cards. Mape do an online card template, for Word,  that you can download for the children to add their own picture and text to, to make a card for any festival.

Children love making pop up cards, which can fit into the 'Moving Pictures and stories' units of work.  I recommend this site which has full step by step instructions for a wide selection of pop-up cards, including reindeer, angels, snowflakes and Christmas Trees.  

Made your decision yet? I keep changing my mind on which ones to use!

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